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Always the underdog

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Local TV of next two games? [Nov. 28th, 2011|02:35 pm]
Always the underdog

Hi, all.

This is directed to those of you who actually have access to local Seattle TV signals.

Which local station will do the Eagles and then the Rams game? I get KOMO, KING, KIRO and Q13 through the Canadian equivalent of Directv, and the programming grid shows none of them carrying Thursday's game. TIA.
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Greatest Seahawks game ever? [Jan. 8th, 2011|06:29 pm]
Always the underdog

[Current Mood |WE DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

In honor of tonight's all-time epic playoff upset, what are your Top 3 (or whatever) Seahawks games of all time?

I'll go ahead and nominate these for consideration, but feel free to add any others:

1983 divisional playoff - Seattle @ Miami - The cinderella Seahawks spoil Dan Marino's rookie year
1988 week 16 - Seattle @ LA Raiders - Hawks take the win-and-in game against their bitter AFC West rivals
2005 NFC Championship - Carolina @ Seattle - Yeah, we were favored, but MAN did we whoop them up!
2006 wild card playoff - Dallas @ Seattle - The Tony Romo game, lol
2010 wild card playoff - New Orleans @ Seattle - Probably the most lopsided matchup in playoff history to result in an upset
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We've been flexed ... into primetime! [Dec. 26th, 2010|10:23 pm]
Always the underdog


Apparently, of all the juicy divisional match-ups available in Week 17, the network honchos said "mmmmmmmm...... Seahawks/Rams!" After somebody no doubt whacked them upside the head with a mace.
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Seahawks to retire Walter Jones' #71 [Dec. 1st, 2010|03:38 pm]
Always the underdog


From the link:

The Seahawks will retire left tackle Walter Jones' No. 71 during the two-minute warning of the first half of Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers.

Jones, 36, missed all of the 2009 season after undergoing two surgeries on his knee and team officials acknowledged they didn't expect him back after selecting Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung with their first pick in last year's draft.

Jones was a nine-time Pro Bowl selection, the most in Seahawks history, and a six-time Associated Press All-Pro.

After being drafted by Seattle with its first-round pick in 1997, Jones started all 180 games he played while becoming one of the most dominant left tackles in NFL history.

According to the Seahawks, he was called for holding just nine times in 5,703 pass attempts in his 13 seasons with the team and surrendered just 23 sacks.

Jones retired April 29.

Hear hear!!
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Whither Verne Lundquist? [Aug. 21st, 2010|07:40 pm]
Always the underdog

Where's Verne? I thought he was simply taking last year off. I miss him. Give me Verne over Curt Menefee any day.
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Walter Jones - End of an era [Apr. 30th, 2010|04:39 pm]
Always the underdog

As I'm sure you've all heard by now, Walter Jones made it official. One of the best left tackles to ever play the game, and perhaps the best athlete in the history of Seattle sports.

The Governor here declared today "Walter Jones Day" in the state. Apparently, his number 71 has already been retired, an honor that until now was only bestowed upon Largent's #80 and our #12. And I wouldn't be surprised if Jones makes a surprise appearance at the Mariners game tonight to throw the first pitch.

But all this got me thinking, is he the greatest Seahawk ever? I'm old enough to remember Steve Largent's active days, when he rewrote the record book (before Jerry Rice blew all those records away). He's our only Hall of Famer so far, if you don't count the guys who came here to retire (Jerry Rice, Franco Harris, etc). And Tez Rex gets overlooked, but MAN he was good! And there's Kenny Easley, Shaun Alexander during his prime, and probably a couple I'm missing.

Anyway, who do you think is the greatest Seahawk ever?

Poll #1558562 Greatest Seahawks ever

Who is the greatest Seahawk ever?

Steve Largent
Walter Jones
Cortez Kennedy
other (list in comments)
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Thoughts on Pete Carroll, and the Seahawks' draft so far [Apr. 23rd, 2010|04:26 pm]
Always the underdog

The Seahawks have had a killer draft so far. (And water is wet, and the sky is gray.) But the coverage over the last 20 hours has given a lot of the credit to Pete Carroll. (One random example. Most of this sentiment I've heard has been coming in over radio.)

But Pete Carroll can't take any of the credit for our windfall-so-far, because:

1) It was blind, filthy luck that Okung dropped to 6. Pete needed a Left Tackle, whether it was the best, the second best, or even lower. It was openly speculated he may even have to take Bulaga at 6th overall, just because they needed someone.

2) Earl Thomas was a good value pick to fill a need. But that wasn't our pick, originally. We got it last year by trading to Denver, giving them our 2nd round for their 1st this year. So if anyone deserves credit, it should be Jim Mora. (It's too bad, too. Future trading is a great investment, but if coaches know a nominally proven guy like Mora, in his first year at a new job, can't bank on the fact that he'll be around the following year to cash in on his investment and get the credit he deserves, they'll be less likely to make the good move for the team, and be more likely to make the move that makes themselves look good.)

3) So far, Pete Carroll's only move has been to effectively draft Charlie Whitehurst in the second round (dropping from #40 to #60 this year, and giving up our third rounder next year). The only way this becomes even rational is if a #40 value pick drops to us at #60. I would have accepted Jimmy Clausen as that steal, if he had somehow dropped, but he just now got drafted by the Panthers. And I can't name anyone else that would retroactively justify the Whitehurst trade. (Of course, I care fuck all about college players, so maybe y'all could name someone I couldn't.)
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Pete Carroll coming to the Seahawks? [Jan. 8th, 2010|04:52 pm]
Always the underdog

Sorry to double-post, but within the span of five hours, Jim Mora is already last year's news.

Reports are coming in that Pete Carroll of USC is already on his way to Seattle to be the new Seahawks head coach. Not confirmed yet, but every source suggests it's essentially a done deal. The numbers they're reporting are $7 million a year for 5 years.

First of all, WTF? Firing Mora made sense, when we were talking about how they were interviewing GM candidates. A new GM wants to bring in their own people, right? So the (apparent) immediate deal with Carroll just makes me scratch my head and go ".............HUH?"

Second, well, it's not the move I would have made. I'm not impressed with Carroll's pro record: bad for one season with the Jets, and then mediocre with a Patriots team that, before his stint went to a Super Bowl, and after his stint won three SBs. And I don't need to remind anyone here - not to name names - of the legendary failures of coaches who were good in college, and whose talents suited them to coaching in college, and who utterly flopped in the pros.

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Seahawks fire Mora after one season [Jan. 8th, 2010|10:45 am]
Always the underdog

This is just coming in on the radio and the Internet.


Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora has been fired after one season, a source told ESPN.com's John Clayton.

Mora attended a meeting Friday morning with management, at which time he was told Seattle did not win enough games to save his job, the source said.

I would have given him another year, personally, because one year isn't necessarily a good gauge, and I know the path to the championship doesn't involve turning over the staff every year. But I can't say I disagree, or that I'm at all unhappy.

So who should we get to replace him? To me, there are only two available coaches I'm thrilled about: Bill Cowher, and Jon Gruden. Either of them come on board, Hell Effin' Yes. Anyone else, I'll wait to get enthusiastic until we start winning.

ETA: Adam Schefter is now reporting that Pete Carroll is a likely candidate for the coaching job. There isn't enough Hell and No in the world to describe my take on that. No offense to Carroll's phenomenal job in college, but this isn't college.
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Mike Holmgren will not return to Seahawks [Dec. 19th, 2009|08:56 pm]
Always the underdog


Mike Holmgren will not be returning to the Seahawks, the team announced Saturday, ending any speculation that Seattle’s former coach and general manager would be re-hired to run the team’s football operations after a year off from football.

“Two weeks ago we announced we would use the balance of the season to conduct an audit of our football team,” said Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke. “We believe our work will ultimately lead us to both an effective structure and leadership for the Seahawks.

“While that process is ongoing, we also were aware of Mike Holmgren’s recent interview and associated time pressures and met with Mike over the weekend. After a series of respectful discussions, Mike has declined our offer to rejoin the team given the structure we proposed,” Leiweke said. “We hold Mike in high regard and wish the Holmgren family the very best with their new horizons.”

“I sincerely thank Paul Allen and Tod for all their support over the years,” Holmgren said. “I thank them for reaching out to me and we conclude these discussions as friends.”

Holmgren spent two days meeting with Browns owner Randy Lerner this week, calling a position with the Browns “very very appealing.” Neither Holmgren or Lerner specified exactly what type of position Holmgren would carry if hired by the Browns.
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